Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting a Parked Car?

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Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting a Parked Car?

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If you struck a parked car or if another vehicle hits your parked car, your insurance provides coverage, and rest assured, you’re not alone. A recent study found that 69% of hit-and-run accidents in the U.S. involved parked cars.

At Accurate Insurance, we’re determined to provide helpful information, along with the best auto insurance in Illinois. So, here are some tips on ways to avoid parked car accidents and advice on what to do if you hit a parked car or your parked car is hit by another.

Prevention Tips

A few precautionary steps will go a long way toward preventing unattended vehicle accidents.

  • With an automatic transmission, always leave your car in park.
  • With a manual transmission, leave your car in gear, not in neutral.
  • Always use your parking brake.
  • Avoid parking on hills in icy weather.
  • Don’t leave children and pets unattended in your car.

Hitting a Parked Car

First, if you hit a parked car, don’t leave. It’s against the law in every state to leave the scene of an accident. That can be considered hit and run, and that’s a major violation. Conviction can lead to a fine, a misdemeanor conviction, and possible jail time or community service. And your license could be suspended as well.

If no one arrives, leave a note with your name, contact number, and a brief, simple explanation of the accident. Tuck the note securely under their windshield wiper.

Also, take pictures of the damage to both cars and the license plate of the other car.

Finally, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Your property damage liability coverage will pay for the parked car’s damage, and your collision coverage will pay for the damage to your car after you pay the deductible.

Your Parked Car is Hit

If the other driver has waited for you, collect their name, contact number, an explanation of the accident, and their insurance information.

Take pictures of the damage to both cars and the license plate of the other car.

Finally, notify the other driver’s insurance company, and if your car was legally parked, their insurance should pay for the damage. If not, contact your insurer so they can begin the claims process.

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We hope this information is helpful, and we also hope you’ll call us today at 1-800-999-1034 for the very best auto insurance in Illinois.

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