Can I Drive A New Car Without Insurance Legally?

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Can I Drive A Newly Purchased Car Without Insurance?

Published by Michael Zubi

When you plan to purchase a new car, you start to weigh your options. You might think about things like what model you want, vehicle safety ratings, and even the paint color. However, insuring your new vehicle is probably one of the last things on your mind.

While thinking about car insurance isn’t exactly exciting, it is necessary. It’s important to get appropriate insurance coverage before leasing or purchasing a vehicle because driving a car without insurance is illegal in almost every state.

Now, you might be asking, Can I drive a new car without insurance if I plan to register the vehicle later? The answer is, only for a short period of time.

Grace Periods For New Vehicles

Insurance companies sometimes offer grace periods for new cars. This means that if you’re a policyholder, your insurance company will automatically extend coverage to your new vehicle for a short period of time. This gives you extra time to register the vehicle with your provider.

Grace periods vary between insurance companies, and some don’t offer them at all. If you’re concerned your new car won’t be insured when you leave the dealership, call your insurance company ahead of time.

What About Test Drives?

Dealerships require you to have some form of auto insurance before buying a car. When you visit a dealership to choose a new car, you’ll be able to take test drives without coverage. This is because as long as the dealership maintains ownership of the vehicle, you’re not liable for an accident. However, once you sign a lease or purchase the car, the responsibility to insure that vehicle falls on you.

Higher Insurance Coverage For Leased Vehicles

Leasing a new car is not the same as buying one outright. At the end of the day, the dealership still owns the vehicle. This means you need a higher coverage insurance policy than if you had purchased the vehicle in full.

Driving A Leased Car Without Insurance

When leasing a new vehicle, you must have proof of insurance. Typically, leasing companies require drivers to carry full coverage car insurance. Full coverage policies usually include both comprehensive and collision coverage.

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