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Does Car Insurance Cover Rust?

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It is only natural for your car to become rusty over time. But is this something that Illinois vehicle auto insurance covers? Typically, the answer is no, because the purpose of car insurance is to help protect you against unexpected damages such as a car accident or theft. Rust is considered normal wear and tear that a car experiences, so it is not covered in most situations.

Two Situations Where Rust is Covered

If you have a full-coverage policy or you have comprehensive coverage, rust may be covered in two specific situations.
-Improper repair job: You may have taken your vehicle to a repair shop at some point to get it repaired, but if there was a certain piece that was not properly installed, it may cause your car to develop rust damage. Due to the proper installation, this may fall under comprehensive coverage. In this case, you would need to prove that the rust damage took place after the repairs were completed.
-Flood damage: Comprehensive coverage may cover flood damage or severe storm damage in some situations. This type of damage typically occurs in coastal areas where hurricanes are more likely to occur.

The bottom line: rust damage to your car typically is not covered because it is a normal part of wear-and-tear to your vehicle. However, if your car is rusting because of the listed reasons above, it is important that you seek the compensation that you deserve.

If you have more questions about rust or you are in need of Illinois vehicle auto insurance, please contact our team at Accurate Insurance today!

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