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What is SR22 Insurance in Indiana?

SR-22 is a type of insurance coverage required by the state of Indiana for drivers to get their licenses reinstated after a suspension. SR-22 is a state registered form that verifies a driver has auto insurance that meets Indiana’s minimum liability requirements for car insurance coverage.

Have you recently had your license suspended due to a DUI charge, a serious accident that resulted in legal fines and your insurance rates skyrocketing, or reckless driving? If any of these situations apply to you, or you’ve been labeled a “high risk driver” due to a poor driving record and lost your license because of it, then you may be required to carry SR-22 insurance in Indiana.

How Much is SR22 Insurance in Indiana?

There is a one-time fee that is paid to your insurance company for filing your SR22 Indiana insurance form. Usually, this fee is about $50.00 or less. Following that, the cost of SR22 insurance in Indianapolis and throughout the rest of the state inevitably raises your insurance rates.

However, filing for SR22 doesn’t typically result in premiums that are much higher than a standard car insurance policy. The high insurance rates that high-risk drivers have to pay is usually due to poor driving records, including the violation(s) that resulted in an SR22 requirement.

Get the Cheapest SR22 Insurance in Indiana

In many cases, drivers can save money on their rates by signing up for an automatic payment plan, or by taking educational courses to improve their driving, such as a defensive driving course.

At Accurate Auto Insurance we help our customers achieve the lowest possible rates for SR22.

For cheap SR22 insurance in Indianapolis and other areas throughout the state, and low cost auto insurance in Indiana, contact us to get an instant quote!

Reasons Why Someone Might be Required to Carry Indiana SR22 Insurance

If an individual has had their license suspended, then they may be required to carry SR-22 for a period of time to qualify for license reinstatement and/or during their probationary period.

Causes for license suspension in Indiana include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Driver is convicted of a DUI
  • Driver is driving without insurance
  • Driver is taking part in reckless driving
  • Driver has committed any high-risk traffic violations that result in suspension

If you have lost your license due to a serious traffic violation in Indiana, get started on filing your SR22 insurance form today when you contact us at Accurate Auto Insurance!

Why Do You Need an Indiana SR22 Form?

An SR-22 insurance form is proof that a high-risk driver has the minimum insurance liability coverage required to drive legally in a state.

If a policyholder misses any payments during the designated time period for which they must carry SR-22, an SR-26 will be filed with the Indiana BMV alerting them to the policy cancellation. This will result in license suspension, and the driver may be forced to restart their SR-22 coverage period, as well as pay reinstatement fees and increased insurance premiums.

Indiana SR22 Insurance Requirements

An SR-22 policy must meet the minimum insurance requirements in Indiana, which are as follows:

$25,000 Amount paid for bodily injuries, per person.
$50,000 Total amount paid for bodily injuries, per accident.
$25,000 Total amount paid for property damage, per accident.

How Long is SR22 Insurance Required in Indiana?

The length of time SR-22 insurance is required for drivers in Indiana varies, as it depends on the violation that led to the requirement.

  • Failing to Provide Proof of Insurance to the Indiana BMV – SR-22 is required for 180 consecutive days.
  • Driver’s License Suspension – SR-22 insurance is required for three years following license reinstatement.
  • Three or More Driver’s License Suspensions – SR-22 insurance is required for five years.

SR22 Insurance in Indiana Without A Vehicle

Non-owner SR-22 insurance, also called an operator’s policy, is designed for individuals who do not own a vehicle and are legally allowed to drive only if they acquire this type of coverage. Non-owner SR-22 insurance does not cover the policyholder, it instead covers other individuals and motor vehicles the policyholder may drive but that which they do not own.

Non-owner’s SR-22 insurance doesn’t include collision coverage, however, it does protect the policyholder from getting a ticket or having their license suspended if they were to drive without SR-22 insurance.

Cheap SR22 Insurance in Indiana – Quotes from Accurate Auto Insurance

Everyone should have the ability to drive a vehicle when they need to, and at Accurate Auto Insurance, we make it easy to file for SR-22 coverage in Indiana. Our team has been helping drivers who qualify as “high-risk” get the insurance coverage they need at affordable rates since 1992.

We will help you get your Indiana SR-22 form registered with the DMV so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. Our team at Accurate Auto Insurance is dedicated to helping our clients take charge of their driving records and start anew.

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