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Tips on Driving Safely in Chicago

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The streets of Chicago are congested with cars, bikes, and people. It is important to have auto insurance in Chicago just in case something goes wrong. However, practicing safe driving is equally as important. Here are some tips to help prevent you from getting into any accidents and keep your passengers and fellow travelers safe.

Keep Your Cool

Many people become quickly overcome with road rage when driving in Chicago, but this can only make your chances of an accident even worse. Keep your mind focused on the road and your demeanor calm. When you see other people making unsafe driving decisions, do not engage or become enraged with them. Realize the moment has passed, and drive as safely as you normally would. Road rage can cause people to do wild things they wouldn’t normally do, like resorting to violence. Not engaging with someone who is exhibiting signs of road rage is the best way to keep yourself and passenger safe.

Don’t Follow the Leader

Keep your wits about you. If you see people taking actions on the road that you thought were illegal, chances are their actions ARE illegal and unsafe. For instance, just because other cars may be driving in the bicycle lane doesn’t mean you should risk those same actions. Try following the two-second rule, which is a rule of thumb for drivers that you should maintain a distance of at least two seconds behind the car you’re following. This will help you stay safe if other drivers around you are acting unruly.

Use Your Blinker

This sounds so simple but is a commonly forgotten practice on the streets of Chicago. Your blinker is a courteous way to inform other drivers of where you are going next. To avoid any accidents, be sure to use your blinker with adequate warning times for the cars around you to notice it.

Check Twice Before Turning on Red

A common rule at many stoplights in Chicago is no right turns on red. It is important to follow this rule not only for safety but also for your wallet. Especially if you’re from outside the city, you might just take the sign as a small warning and even ignore it—but be careful! Chicago stoplights have cameras that will take a picture of your car and will bill you a fine for your illegal actions. It is best that you keep a look out for all road signage and follow these rules appropriately.

Unfortunately, even when we try our best to drive safely, accidents still happen. If you’ve been in an accident and need to be prepared for next time, you need SR22 and/or auto insurance in Chicago. Accurate Auto Insurance in Chicago will help you find the ideal coverage that keeps you and your wallet safe! Visit our website today and get an auto insurance quote in just minutes!

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