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What is A High Risk Driver?

Published on December 18th, 2022

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At-risk, or high risk drivers, are drivers who are considered more likely to put in an insurance claim. These drivers may have a long history of car accidents, tickets, DUI convictions, or simply fall within a certain age bracket.

While being considered a high risk driver does not mean you can’t drive, have a license, or purchase car insurance, it does mean that your car insurance costs will be higher than the average individual with a driver’s license. Fortunately, car insurance companies all have different definitions for what is considered a high risk driver, and different rates and insurance policies available.

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Who is An At-Risk Driver?

Some factors that may make you a high risk driver can include the following:

  • Reckless Driving Conviction
  • DUI conviction
  • Multiple Speeding Tickets
  • Multiple Moving Violations
  • More than One At-Fault Accident
  • New Driver
  • Young Driver
  • Filing Multiple Claims in the Last Few Years
  • Lapses in Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Poor Credit History
  • Driving A Sports Car or High Value Vehicle

Location and what a driver uses their vehicle for may also play a factor in whether someone is considered an at-risk driver.

There are many reasons an individual might be considered a high risk driver by an insurance carrier. However, high risk drivers are not doomed to this label forever as long as they achieve and maintain a safe driving record.

How Long are You Considered A High-Risk Driver?

How long someone is considered a high risk driver depends on the reasons for the determination. For example, someone who is a high risk driver due to past DUI convictions may have to pay high insurance premiums for years. However, a teenager who just got their license and has never been in an accident should no longer be considered a high risk driver once they reach a certain age and level of experience.

What is High Risk Insurance?

High risk insurance is specifically designed for high risk drivers. These plans usually have high rates and are offered by insurance companies to clients they consider more likely to be involved in accidents for one reason or another, such as little to no driving experience, a poor driving record, or past DUI convictions, etc.

In Illinois, high risk drivers are often required to obtain SR-22 coverage.

How Long Does High Risk Insurance Last?

High risk car insurance lasts for as long as you are considered a high risk driver. SR-22 insurance is required for up to 3 years in Illinois. However, outside of SR-22, drivers can be considered high risk for anywhere from 6 months to 10 years.

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