What to Do After Your Car is Hail Damaged

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What to Do After Your Car is Hail Damaged

Published by Michael Zubi

Hail Damage & Car Insurance Claims

Hail Damage & Car Insurance Claims

If you live in the midwest, or other select areas across the United States, there’s every chance you’ve witnessed a hail storm. Hail storms are most common during the spring and summer, and unfortunately, they can cause significant damage to your vehicle if you don’t have a garage, canopy, or other protective covering.

Is Hail Damage Covered by Car Insurance?

You may be wondering, “Does car insurance cover hail damage?” The answer is yes, but only certain types of plans will cover damage caused by something other than a collision or accident.

What Type of Car Insurance Covers Hail Damage?

Hail damage repairs are covered by comprehensive insurance plans. Comprehensive coverage insures drivers and vehicle owners for things outside of vehicular accidents, such as vandalism, theft, fire, storms, and any event that is typically referred to as “an act of God.”

Therefore, damage caused by fallen trees, strong winds, and other nature-related hazards such as hail is covered if you pay for a comprehensive insurance plan.

Does A Hail Damage Claim Raise Car Insurance Rates?

The short answer is no, a hail damage claim won’t raise your car insurance rates. However, frequent claims of any type could eventually raise your insurance premiums.

Additionally, in some cases your hail damage repair costs will still come out of your own pocket even if you try to file a car insurance claim.

Is it Worth Fixing Hail Damage on A Car?

Hail damage car repair costs vary depending on the type of vehicle you drive, where you’re located, and the extent of the damage. If you file a claim with your insurance for hail damage, your deductible will need to be paid in full before the policy kicks in. In such cases, it may only be worth filing a claim if your vehicle has extensive damage that would cost far more than your deductible, such as a broken windshield, windows, or deep hail dents in the body of your car.

Additionally, where and how the hail damage is repaired will affect the cost. Be sure to compare prices between local auto body repair shops before settling on one, so if you do have to pay out of pocket you can get the best deal available.

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