Winter Car Maintenance Tips

The early winter season can be hectic, but one thing that can’t get lost in the mix is car maintenance. Car problems that were just annoying during summer time present serious safety risks when the roads get slick during winter. Addressing these concerns at the end of fall can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Safety risks can lead to accidents which ruin your cheap car insurance in Peoria. Luckily there are some easy ways you can maintain your car to make sure it runs great this winter.

Check the Tires 

Winter is the wrong time to ignore dangerously low tire tread. Low traction and slippery roads are a bad combination. Check your tread and replace the tires if necessary. For those of you in areas that see snow in the winter, look for all-season tires.

Regularly check tire pressure during winter. Lower temperatures cause tires to lose pressure. Low tire pressure leads to too much of the tire’s surface touching the ground. This increases friction, which can cause extra wear and tear because the tires overheat. The final result: tire failure.

Get a Tune Up

Winter magnifies any existing problems your car has. So just before winter is a great time to take your car to a shop to get it into tip-top shape. Batteries are proven to perform significantly worse in cold weather. Even if your battery worked great in the summer it could die on you when temperatures drop.

The tune-up also allows a mechanic to look at your brakes. Worn brakes are extremely dangerous in winter time as slippery roads and shoddy brakes are a bad combination.

Get Prepared 

You know winter means problems are more likely to occur, so prepare for it. Make sure you have jumper cables, an ice scraper, flashlight, blanket, and extra food and clothes so that nothing catches you off guard.


A windshield wiper malfunction at the wrong time is very dangerous. Winter weather means extra work for your wipers. Make sure they work great by ensuring you have a full reservoir of fluid before winter starts. If you notice your wipers working inefficiently, replace them immediately.

Get Cheap Car Insurance in Peoria 

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