SR22 in Joliet, Illinois

SR22 Insurance in Joliet, Illinois

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At Accurate Auto Insurance, we have a range of insurance policies that are designed to fit every individual, no matter their budget, vehicle, or driving history. We pride ourselves on combining cheap rates with reliability and quality customer service, so when you need car insurance in Joliet that won’t break the bank and will keep you protected behind the wheel, you know who to call- the dedicated insurance representatives at Accurate Auto Insurance!

Car Insurance and SR22 in Joliet, IL

According to the 2020 census, Joliet was the third-largest city in Illinois, and being only about an hour outside of Chicago, there’s no wonder why having access to a car is so important for residents and their families. However, obtaining car insurance can be difficult and expensive, especially for those who are considered high risk drivers.

Without car insurance you can end up paying far more money in damages if you are involved in a car accident than you would if you had coverage. Unfortunately, high risk drivers pay higher insurance rates than other drivers, and some are even required to carry SR-22 coverage in addition to their regular insurance.

What is SR-22 Coverage?

SR-22 insurance is a liability certificate that indicates a driver has the minimum coverage required to drive legally in Illinois. It also proves that the driver is financially responsible enough to cover expenses they might incur from a car accident.

SR-22 insurance is required for some drivers who have been labeled high risk by auto insurance agencies. This determination may come after a DUI conviction, multiple driving infractions, or having a driver’s license suspended or revoked, etc.

In order to obtain SR-22 in Illinois, the Illinois Secretary of State will alert you to the requirement. You will be able to acquire SR-22 through your insurance company.

At Accurate Auto Insurance, we make it a point to offer our customers the most affordable rates available, no matter what their driving history looks like.

If you are in need of cheap auto insurance in Joliet, IL, or SR-22 coverage, contact us today and speak to a representative and we will help you get back on the road before you know it!

Why is SR-22 Insurance Required?

High risk drivers are often required to carry SR-22 coverage in Illinois. Some factors that could lead you to becoming a high risk driver in the eyes of insurance companies include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Unpaid Traffic Citations
  • Multiple Traffic Offenses
  • DUI Conviction(s)
  • Behind on Child Support
  • Revoked or Suspended Driver’s License
  • Multiple Tickets/Moving Violations within the Last 12 Months
  • Driving Uninsured
  • Involved in an At-Fault Accident while Driving Uninsured
  • Major Moving Violations
  • Unsatisfied Judgment Suspensions

How Long is SR-22 Required in Illinois?

SR-22 insurance coverage is required for a minimum of three years in the state of Illinois. This time limit can be extended for various reasons, including failing to meet a payment on time. If you are late with a payment for your SR-22 coverage, it may be terminated, which can trigger the three-year minimum requirement to renew based on the new date of payment.

In order to make sure you are up to date on your SR-22 payments, you can contact the Secretary of State or your insurance company.

Filing for SR-22 in A New State

If you are moving to Joliet, IL from another state and are required to have SR-22 liability coverage, Accurate Auto Insurance can help. We provide insurance coverage for customers throughout the United States, which means if you need to switch insurance companies or policies based on location, you can rely on our team of representatives.

Reach Out to Accurate Auto Insurance

Accurate Auto Insurance is dedicated to bringing affordable, quality insurance coverage to all of our customers. Whether you are a new driver, an experienced driver who uses their vehicle for work, or a high risk driver who is just trying to find a plan they can afford, we have you- and your vehicle -covered!

With over 30 years of experience helping residents of Illinois get the car insurance they need, and dedicated representatives who care about your safety and finances, you can count on the trained professionals at Accurate Auto Insurance when you need cheap car insurance in Joliet, IL.

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