How To Be A Safer Driver

The National Safety Council estimates that as many as 40,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016, this makes 2016 the deadliest year in traffic accidents since 2007. With a reduction in gas prices, increase in vehicle usage, and a greater prominence of risky behaviors like speeding, aggressive driving, and driving while texting, those numbers may only increase over upcoming years. Creating safer roads is a community effort, but it starts with an individual commitment to safe driving practices. Here are a few ways to make the roads a little safer for everyone.

Two-Second Rule

If you don’t already, make sure to follow the two-second rule. The two-second rule says you should stay a minimum of two seconds distance behind the car in front of you. You should adjust this rule to your comfort and speed of travel. The objective is to help maintain a safe traveling distance at all times.

Eliminate Distractions

It’s no secret that phones are one of the greatest contributors to traffic accidents. Talking on the phone and texting are grave distractions while driving. Turn your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode anytime you are behind the wheel.

This also goes without saying but you should never, ever drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Doing so not only puts yourself in danger but every other person out on the road. If you can’t drive sober, you can’t drive at all.

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