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Comprehensive vs. Collision Coverage

Published on November 14th, 2018

Finding the best auto insurance in Illinois may seem difficult, but at Accurate Auto Insurance, our team will make the process as easy as possible. If you are currently on the hunt for a new and improved auto insurance policy, you’ve likely seen the terms “comprehensive coverage” and “collision coverage” before. But do you really need to have both types of coverage on your policy? Here’s what you should know about the differences between the two.

Collision Coverage

The purpose of collision coverage is to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident. This is an optional policy that you can opt to add onto your car insurance. Basic liability coverage is legally required, and this type of insurance policy only covers damage to other people and property if you were to get in an accident. Collision coverage is designed to cover accidents where you were at fault in addition to accidents caused by other drivers.

Comprehensive Coverage

Another optional policy for your auto insurance is comprehensive coverage. This provides coverage for your vehicle in a broader range of situations, such as theft, vandalism, fires, fallen objects or storm damage. This type of coverage also covers vehicles that you drive, such as rental cars.

The choice of how much coverage you want for your vehicle is up to you, but you must have basic liability insurance to legally drive on the road.

If you have more questions about auto insurance or you are looking to find the best auto insurance in Illinois, look no further than our team at Accurate Auto Insurance.

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