What is Cheaper to Insure: A Minivan or an SUV?

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What is Cheaper to Insure: A Minivan or an SUV?

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Finding low-cost insurance in Illinois is the goal of all drivers on the road. It is important to be protected while you are on the road, but auto insurance is also something that you don’t want to be paying a ton of additional money for. Between gas, parking, maintenance and insurance, driving a car can really add up! Here’s some helpful information that can help you decide whether your next car should be a minivan or an SUV.

Differences Between Minivans and SUVs

The differences between the two are obvious to you, but there are also differences between the two from an insurers point of view as well. Think about the audience that drives each vehicle: men tend to drive SUVs while women tend to drive minivans. Drivers of these vehicles are typically around the ages 40-50. If a collision occurs, an SUV is more likely to roll over than a minivan and they typically have a higher repair cost. Due to the sheer size and weight of SUVs, they tend to have higher claim rates than minivans do.

Which Vehicle Provides the Most Low-Cost Insurance in Illinois?

If you’re deciding between the two cars based on insurance rates, minivans will typically provide you with a lower rate. These traditional family vehicles are usually driven by parents, meaning they are experienced drivers. The driver of a minivan is seen to be less of a risk than someone who is driving an SUV. In fact, minivans are some of the cheapest cars that can be insured!

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