Looking For Rideshare Insurance Coverage in Chicago?

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Looking For Rideshare Insurance Coverage in Chicago?

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With rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft becoming more prevalent on the roads, insurance companies are beginning to provide coverages designed specifically for rideshare drivers.

Whether you’re driving yourself or picking up a rider, Accurate Auto Insurance wants to make you feel safe when you’re on the road while still offering you an affordable insurance policy. Contact us today if you’re searching for Uber insurance coverage or Lyft car insurance.

How It Works

It’s important to understand the differences between your personal policy and the coverage you’ll receive while using your personal vehicle for rideshare purposes.

There are four different periods of coverage for rideshare insurance in Illinois:

  • Period 0: when you’re driving your car for personal reasons and not working
  • Period 1: you’re working, but waiting to receive a ride request
  • Period 2: when you’ve accepted a request but not picked up riders yet
  • Period 3: once you’ve picked up your riders

When it comes to accident coverage, Uber and Lyft will both provide up to $1 million in medical expenses and other damages, but only if you are responsible for the accident in Period 2 or Period 3.

Without full coverage, it becomes important to have personal auto insurance through Accurate Insurance to help cover the gap if Uber or Lyft will not cover your claim in full.

Coverage is different between Lyft and Uber. This blog and other resources on our website cover some of the differences, but we advise you to contact one of our insurance agents in order to discuss further details.

Insurance Options for Lyft Drivers

Those who wish to purchase Lyft car insurance in Chicago and the surrounding area have plenty of options. Lyft has partnerships with major car insurance companies, but also coverage of their own. Here’s a helpful resource to learn more about how Lyft handles insurance coverage.

One important difference you should be aware of is that the coverage Lyft provides only applies to rideshare drivers once there is a passenger involved. Additionally, there is no collision and comprehensive coverage, which would be responsible for large gaps in coverage if an accident occurs.

Accurate Auto Insurance suggests having Lyft car insurance that covers liability, collision and comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured drivers. We can help you find the perfect policy that fits your needs and your budget, and make you the safest rideshare driver on the road.

Visit our website for more detailed information on the benefits of having additional Lyft coverage.

Uber Insurance Coverage

If you drive for Uber, it’s important to protect yourself financially in case you’re ever involved in an accident while on the job. Uber insurance coverage is essentially designed to cover the gaps your personal insurance coverage does not.

Rideshare insurance in Illinois is basically an add-on to the insurance coverage you already have. It is not mandatory, but the benefits of peace of mind will help you be a better driver and feel safer while on the road.

As with Lyft, Uber does maintain insurance on your behalf while you’re “on the clock,” but expanding your personal auto insurance to include rideshare coverage will help protect you even more–to cover the areas that aren’t covered.

If you already do or are planning to drive with Uber, please read about their driver insurance coverage in Chicago and contact us if you’d like to discuss additional coverage to your plan.

What To Do If You’re Involved in an Accident

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident while driving with Uber or Lyft, your first step should be to make sure everyone in your car and other vehicles (or pedestrians) are safe and unhurt.

Next, call 911 if necessary. Or, contact local police and fire rescue if you’d like to have the accident documented.

Last, contact the support teams at Uber and Lyft. These teams can be reached via the app or on their respective websites. It is imperative that you do this as quickly as possible after the accident.

Contact Accurate Auto Insurance Today

Not all states offer these plans, however, rideshare insurance coverage in Chicago is available to you. And Accurate Auto Insurance wants to help you find the perfect policy just for you. Give us a call at 1-800-999-1034 for your instant quote today!

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