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How to Prevent Car Break Ins

Published by Michael Zubi

The Prevalence of Motor Vehicle Theft & How to Protect Your Automobile

Car theft is an incredibly common problem in the United States, especially in urban areas. In 2020, the vehicle theft rate went up exponentially, with over 800,000 automobiles being stolen that year alone across the country.

Criminals have always taken advantage of car owners who spend valuable money on not just their vehicles, but also on repairs, maintenance, gas, city stickers, auto insurance, and various other expenses related to owning a car.

As technology advances, you might think stolen vehicle statistics would drop. Unfortunately, car thieves have only gotten smarter, as we saw with the recent rash of Hyundai and Kia auto thefts that were committed using little more than a USB cable.

With the rise in stolen cars, as well as aggravated motor vehicle thefts, it appears criminals aren’t going to stop targeting car owners anytime soon. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive ways to protect your vehicle.

If you’re wondering how to prevent your car from being broken into, continue reading for some vehicle theft prevention tips.

Tips to Prevent Car Theft

Below are some tips that could make your vehicle a less desirable target for criminals.

  • Don’t leave anything valuable in sight, such as your wallet, keys, gym bag, briefcase, gifts, electronics, purse, etc. Put anything that might intrigue a criminal into smashing your window in your glove box, trunk, or under the car seat.
  • Never leave your car windows rolled down
  • Lock your doors
  • Avoid leaving your car unattended while it’s running
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Turn your car off while you’re getting gas
  • Use a visible deterrent, like The Club steering wheel locking device
  • Invest in anti-theft devices for cars, such as The Club mentioned above, car wheel clamps, kill switches, alarms, brake locks, etc.
  • Make sure your car alarm is engaged and working properly
  • Don’t leave your vehicle registration in your car. If your vehicle is stolen, having the registration makes it easier to sell.
  • Etch your VIN number onto every glass panel on your vehicle
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Park in your garage if you have one, rather than on the street or a public lot

Knowing how to stop a car thief involves knowing how to prevent the crime. With the tips listed above, you can lessen the chances you will become a victim of motor vehicle theft.

Protect Yourself Against Car-Jackings

While you may worry about someone breaking into your car, it’s important to know that car-jackings are becoming more and more common. After all, if you’re stopped at a red light with your windows rolled down, your vehicle is much easier to steal than if it’s parked and locked. Staying aware of your surroundings is vital to avoiding these frightening situations.

Insurance Companies

Some auto insurance companies have dropped coverage for vehicles that are at a higher risk for theft, such as select Kia and Hyundai models. Knowing this, it’s not hard to imagine insurance companies rewarding customers who take the time to equip their vehicles with anti-theft systems and devices.

If you take these extra steps to protect your vehicle, you could receive a safe car discount from certain insurance providers. Contact our representatives at Accurate Auto Insurance today to find out more about benefits related to precautionary measures taken against car theft.

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