How Often Should You Switch Illinois Auto Insurance Companies?

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How Often Should You Switch Illinois Auto Insurance Companies?

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Like most areas of life, there are many options when it comes to car insurance. If you aren’t happy with your provider, you are able to switch to a different company that has your best interest in mind. However, bouncing around from one Illinois auto insurance company to another comes with many downsides. Here are some reasons to stick with one auto insurance company.

You’ll be Rewarded with Longevity

Long-term customers are ideal for insurance companies. The longer you stay with a company, the more likely they are to give you a better rate. Switching too often will likely cause this process to start over and prices to get higher once again.

Coverage Gaps

Driving without Illinois auto insurance is a dangerous thing to do. If you switch to a different auto insurance company, you could end up leaving a gap in coverage. Imagine getting into an accident during this time; you will be forced to pay out-of-pocket. A single accident could cause your cost savings from switching to essentially disappear!

Cancellation Fees

Even if you do try to switch Illinois auto insurance companies multiple times, you may be hit with cancellation fees that make the process not worth it. Do the necessary research to see if the company you are currently with has harsh cancellation fees.

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