Factors When Assigning Cars Into Insurance Groups?

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What Factors Are Considered When Assigning Cars into Insurance Groups?

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The type of car that you get depends on how much it will be to insure it. If you are trying to find the Illinois minimum auto insurance for you or your family, it’s important that you take these factors into consideration if you are in the market for a new car. Here’s what factors are considered when the panel decides on how to assign cars to particular insurance groups.

What Are the Repair Costs?

Did you know that the cost of vehicle repairs accounts for a large amount of the money paid out in car insurance claims? Because of this, repair costs are a big factor when considering what insurance group a car should be. How long it takes to repair the damages is also a factor, as the longer it takes, the more money it will cost.

What is the Car’s Value?

If the car has a high value, it is an indication of how much it will cost to get repaired if there is any damage.

How Does the Car Perform?

Cars that can reach higher speeds have an increased chance of making insurance claims. If you want Illinois minimum auto insurance, don’t invest in a car that is known for speed.

How Secure is the Car?

Security systems play a big part in car insurance. If there are built-in security features like alarms, locks or immobilisers, these vehicles will be cheaper to insure.

If you have more questions about what it takes to achieve the Illinois minimum for auto insurance, contact Accurate Auto Insurance today!

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