Easy Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

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Easy Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

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Trying to find the best insurance quote is hard, but thankfully there are easy ways to save before you make your purchase. There are easy ways to save money even after you have purchased auto insurance. At Accurate Auto Insurance, we aim to offer the best quotes for all of your Illinois vehicle auto insurance needs.

Get Multiple Quotes

One of the easiest ways to save on auto insurance is to get multiple quotes from different companies. It costs nothing to request a quote and many insurance companies make it easy to get a quote online in minutes.

Combine Policies

If you have multiple policies, it might be time to combine them. This will not only simplify your finances, but you could also be eligible for discounts depending on what policies you combine. Beyond combining policies, make sure to insure all members of your home under the same auto insurance policy.

Credit History

In most states, your credit score has a large effect on your auto insurance rates. Your insurance carrier will factor in your credit history when setting premiums.

Claim Your Discounts

Many auto insurance companies offer a variety of discounts. Most carriers have a safe driver discount as well as discounts for being accident-free. To find a full list of discounts your auto insurance company offers; contact your carrier or agent.

Re-Check Quotes

Get into the habit of checking auto insurance quotes periodically. It’s frustrating to find that you have been paying way too much for your insurance for the past 5 years. Compare quotes every time your policy is up for renewal to make sure you have the best policy possible.

Contact us for your Illinois vehicle auto insurance needs, plus, we’ll give you a free online quote in minutes!

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